Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bangers n' Mash/Burger King fusion recipe

Firstly let me refresh everyones memory, mash ups or otherwise referred to as 'bastard pop' can potentially be the defining point in a DJ's career. After the trend was made ever so popular by 2 Many DJ's in 2001 almost every aspiring disc jockey with a spatula and a mixing bowl has had their hand with a few of these fusion recipes. Remember Dangermouse? Jay Z a la The Beatles?

If that was too rich for you why don't you try The Beatles/The Beachboy's latest collab. So ingeniously titled 'The Beachles - Sgt. Petsounds', (mash-up DJ's have a way with words...) we see how layering songs over each other was never made into a kids program on your breakfast TV.

Unfortunately, EMI shat their nappies over this one and the free-to-download album was quickly withdrawn from Clayton's blog and is now somewhat of a novelty album drifting in and out of various p2p programs.

Guess what it sounds like? God only knows...


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