Thursday, October 05, 2006

Lets all try and be a bit more Subtle (NEW ALBUM!) about this...

WELL!! Look what we have here! After last year's genre-bending A New White, Subtle have released their latest conquest, For Hero:For Fool. Now while it might look like Dose One is eating a simple hotdog in the photo above, he's actually having a little chew on this recipe right here...

1 cup Reason
2 tsps mpc2000xl
3/4 cup micron
78 strums (downward) guitar
3 dials telephone
various pinches sampled flute & cello

Stir well in a science-fiction-rap mixing bowl and add the ever evolving and ambiguous Dose One with harmonies by Dax Pierson. Bake in a convection microwave or any similar cLOUDDEAD incubators for approx. 2:13 min.

Serves 1 - (∞ x 7) clowns.

Subtle - A Tale Of Apes II [MP3] from For Hero:For Fool

MySpace: Subtle
WebSite: Subtle


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