Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Man Man

Cult activity has always been associated with Rock n' Roll. For those of you who are secretly being smart right now and thinking, "Mmmm... The Cult, ah yes, they too have always been associated with music". I know... I know. While this might not be on that kind of level or even the kind where crazy hippes indulge in mass hysteria and justify the whole Nazi Zombie Craze, this is, however, about warpaint, people. Yes, warpaint. So let us take this moment to look back at all the ultimately cultic activities associated with this archaic form of camouflage...

Man Man too indulge in warpaint and occasionally tennis outfits and their live shows look about as tweaked out as good ol' Willem here. They blend manic rythms reminiscent of Captain Beefheart while cleverly slipping in some clairvoyant balkan two-steps, so ultimately, it's not hard to see how their asthetics on stage compliment their sound. Should it be a coincidence that they orliginally named their band Magic Blood? Not to mention that their singer sounds a tad like Tom Waits...

Man Man - Black Mission Goggles [MP3] from Six Demon Bag

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