Monday, November 20, 2006


Here at Digitalforfish we all too often enjoy opening our posts with a little statement of our mission, "Here at Digitalforfish..." (example provided with an infinite loop). In the past we have included various outlandish claims such as: "...nobody is swell enough to avoid a playful little spank on the rear..." [DFF IV v.III] and "...we would change our first names to Cedric if only..." [DFF XV v. LV], but fortunately I remain exempt from being quoted on these.

So I give you a new quality, one that famous authors, mathematicians, computer coders and dog chains all share... linking. I would love to provide you with a hierachy for this but I am none of the aforementioned. Perhaps in linear form? Sounds Like:

(HEAD) Magnetic Fields x Beirut ~ (TORSO) ~ vox, guitar, keyboards, songs ~ (LOWER TORSO) ~ Guitarist from Previous Post (Harlem Shakes) ~ ARMS! ~ ARMS!

Now tell me you can't cut that out and make yourself an awesome little indie rock voodoo doll.

Arms - Kids Aflame [MP3]

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