Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Patrick Wolf

It's amazing how some artists will indicate the sound on their new album by changing their outwardly appearances and the general tone of their publicity photos. In Patrick's case he has changed a lot from his previous publicity photos. This was the eccentric little ostracized teenager that most of the drooling little girls where familiar with:

So he ditched the whole "I've been living in a lighthouse for a year..." Composition in his music and adopted a more electronic Eurodance element. I recently stumbled across this photo of him on the Cassette Playa ("R U FUCKING READY?") MySpace site:

Now... Patrick looks more like a little lighthouse himself than a hermit troubadour come gypsy schoolboy. The new song is amazing. More pop, but with trademark Patrick Wolf elements shining through. Awesome.

Patrick Wolf - Accident and Emergency [MP3]

MySpace: Here
WebSite: Here

Oh young Patrick, how you mimic Kylie's bar dancing moves but make me feel all drunk and happy inside. Nothing wrong with feeling drink, drunk. Party in the BAR! he.


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