Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wednesday Guest List: Albatross Kills Wizard!

"Moving over to Nu-Rave isn't easy"
- Albatross Kills Wizard, Sea Point, November 2nd 2006

It was only about 2 weeks after AKW uttered this simple sentence - sitting in his apartment, eating a bowl of pasta - that I realised the gravity of it. In a city like Cape Town, transition is never smooth and hardly anybody goes unnoticed in their transformations. As soon as a 'scene' may emerge it is just as quickly bastardised by a still developing and extremely nomadic youth culture. Being ahead-of-your-time is often a downfall at the end of the day, and all too often I have witnessed the harbingers of new trends retract into further un-obtainable obscurity as a result.

Enter AKW - Stage Left (wielding a blazing neon green dagger and an otherworldly immaculate hairstyle)

Cape Town, here is someone you can trust. His musical knowledge is almost unmatched in most circles. And he does have opinions. Sometimes you'll find that you don't really want to listen to your favourite band so much anymore after a word or two with him; instead you find yourself mimicking his mildy sarcastic but side-splitting comedic vernacular.

A real class act... Dance Dance Dance!!!

Albatross Kills Wizard's:

Top 5 Albums Of This Year So Far...

Datarock - Datarock
Goose - Bring It On
Klaxons - Xan Valleys
New Young Pony Club - Ice Cream
Professor Murder - Professor Murder Rides the Subway

Top 5 Songs of the Moment...

Professor Murder - Free Stress Test [MP3]
Goose - Bring It On [Coming Soon]
The Maccabees - X-Ray [Coming Soon]
Shit Disco - Reactor Party [MP3]
The Rapture - Whoo! Alright-Yeah... Uh Huh [MP3]

MySpace: Here

You can also catch Albatross Kills Wizard Live:

Tuesdays at Fiction, 226 Long Street with ME! French Lessons
Thursdays at Roosevelt's Rock Night

At sporadic and often under-advertised venues around the Cape Peninsula at random times and dates... Watch this blog for more info...


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