Wednesday, September 20, 2006


SOUND team are great for the exact reason they are often criticised - they don't have a definitive sound. While some may slate their new album, Movie Monster, for this reason, a la this Pitchfork review, I find it appealing as each track requires you to listen to it and doesn't just blend into sound of the album. After all, some bands tend to release albums that sound too alike after a while, not to mention any names like Cold Play.
As stated on
Ultimately, 'Movie Monster' has the effect of convincing you that you just listened to 45 minutes of alternative rock radio with an ‘80s and ‘90s bent on a station where variety and eclectic playlists rule the day, and pop means as much as rock.
Sounds great.
SOUND Team - No More Birthdays [MP3]

MySpace: SOUND team

And keeping on French Lessons' subject of mash ups, here is a Weird Al Yankovic mash up video touching on Black Eyed Peas, Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, Modest Mouse, Kanye West and the funniest 50 Cent cover ever, in polka. Yeah, polka.


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