Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Ratatat is Tetris rock meeting Raiden's awesome 8-bit game music. Sliding/wailing guitars accompanied by organs and harpsichords over hip-hop beats done in a tasteful fashion. Sure, at points in the album, Classics, it can get a little repetitive for some, but some tracks are just plain anthemic. "Seventeen Years" is the theme music to any of Russia's 5 year plans, Wildcat samples actual Panther roars and Lex is Beethoven arena rock with slide sections that remind you of Metallica's "Ride the Lightning".

Evan Mast (Beats) and Mike Stroud (Guitars) met in college in 1999, but didn't form Ratatat until 2001 when they met again in Brooklyn, where they record  their music in Evan's apartment on Mike's laptop. Both Mike and Evan have worked on other musical projects. Mike toured the world with Ben Kweller and professional whiners Dashboard Confessional as a guitarist, and Evan has been producing music as E*Vax , releasing most of his work on Audio Dregs Records , a label run by him and his brother E*Rock.

Ratatat is guaranteed to rock you, make you forget your Daft Punk CDs and make you wish you had a Raiden machine at your corner shop.

Ratatat - Lex [MP3]
Ratatat - Seventeen Years [MP3]

MySpace: RatatatMusic
Website:   RatatatMusic.com
Interview: Fader

Click here for a flash animation of "Seventeen Years".

Just plain weird.


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