Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I watched these guys twice this weekend and they are simply amazing. If you don't want to dance check your pulse cos you're probably dead. "Forest Fire" is definitely my favourite track that I can remember from both times. I say 'remember' for a reason - these guys make you want to party hard. And you do. Plus, it doesn't help that they walk around with a beer funnel after the show and buy you beer.

They are easy and hard to define. They sound like Explosions in the Sky at times, then they sound a little like The Faint, but unlike either really. Definitely not a rehashed or derivitive sound. There are no vocals (besides an occasional shout into the mike), which some people complained about, but to put a vocal to this would ruin it. As they say on their MySpace page about the lack of vocals, there is no pretense or claim to any intellectual aspirations, all they want is for you to dance, dance, dance! Works for me.

kidofdoom - Forest Fire [MP3]

MySpace: kidofdoom

This band is awesome live, so I suggest you go and watch them.

Upcoming Shows
Oct 12 20068:00PM
Tings an' Times (back from tour show) Pretoria
Oct 28 20068:00PM
Sovereign Halloween - Carfax - Kidofdoom's last show for 2006Johannesburg

And on the subject of doom. Check this out.


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