Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Swan Lake

Spencer Krug is one hell of a guy. First he creates Wolf Parade with Dan Boeckner, only because he accepted to open for The Arcade Fire but didn't actually have a band. Then he continues his solo project Sunset Rubdown, fleshing it out into a full band and releasing the excellent Shut Up I am Dreaming. Then he decides to rejoin Frog Eyes and tour with them. Now, and definitely, not finally he's teamed up with Carey Mercer (Frog Eyes) and Dan Bejar (Destroyer) to form indie's 'greatest' supergroup, Swan Lake.

I'm tentative to say the greatest simply because supergroups by their nature can be too much of a good thing. By this I mean the things that make each individual in the group great may not combine to form a band sound that is great. Furthermore, the supergroup albums could just become a compilation of tracks where alternately one member features and the others are merely guest players. And, from the 5 tracks I've heard so far, this compilation effect does happen a little.

Well, after all that gloom and doom, you're thinking "Do they suck?" Well... no! Don't be fucking stupid. These are three incredibly talented and respected musicians. Carey and Spencer have worked together for ages, Spencer has collaborated with Destroyer before. Of course it won't suck. Will it be the best album ever? Probably not, but these guys have come together to create some amazing songs and have managed to improve on the qualities that makes each one of their distinct sounds great. All does bode well for November 11th when Swan Lake's ablum, Beast Moans, is released.

Spencer Krug Swan Lake - All Fires [MP3] an interesting Review
Dan Bejar      Swan Lake - Widow's Walk [MP3]
Carey Mercer Swan Lake - City Calls [MP3]


Handsome Furs - Untitled [MP3]    Dan Boeckner's side project.
Destroyer - Painter In Your Pocket [MP3]
Sunset Rubdown - Shut Up I am Dreaming of Places Where Lover's Have Wings [MP3]


Wolf Parade
Sunset Rubdown
Frog Eyes

Wolf Parade - I'll Believe In Anything


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