Thursday, October 05, 2006


Zach Condon dropped out of school at 16. Then he said to himself "What now?". He must have thought very briefly before he replied "I know, I'll go to Europe." And he did. On his brave and oft treacharous travels he encountered the arch nemesis of civilization - the dreaded Gypsies. These evil gypsies captured him and played their Balkan music at him. And he was entranced.

Satisfied with their work, they released him. When he came home he decided, "No, my previous albums will not do! Do as the gypsies have taught." And he did. Thus, it came to pass that Gulag Orkestar was delivered unto us. Many, many peoples across the Interweb lauded him and pronounced his greatness with cries of "Balkan is now!". The Great Hay Movers of music declared his work worthy of such acclaim, and the new Siege of Beirut marched onwards without much resistance. The Gypsy Illuminati rejoiced, "Our wicked deed is done. Now all will love that which is Balkan." And we do.

Now, he has recorded more of this infectious, Balkan stomp, cleverly titled Lon Gisland, to bend more of us toward the ways of the Gypsy. I warn thee not to listen to these songs, they are simply amazing. But you will.

Beirut - Elephant Gun [MP3] from Lon Gisland
Beirut - Postcards From Italy [MP3] from Gulag Orkestar
Beirut - Mount Wroclai [MP3] from Gulag Orkestar

Once you have listened to those three tracks above you will obviously wish to be surrounded by true gypsy folk. Lucky for you the Gypsy Illuminati have arranged a gathering disguised as a new Balkanology Party. Click here.

MySpace: Beirut
WebSite: Beirut Band

Beirut Live in Brooklyn


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