Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cold War Kids

Listening to your History lecturer can only make you think the post-WWII era just never got as exciting as before, did it? The Cold War was something of a spectacular anti-climax. Too much Vodka induced fear and Puritan loathing resulting in the passive-aggressive reading of each others' diaries for my taste. "Look, Boris, on the microfilm that Double-Double Agent gave us, Reagan admits that the chimp in Bed Time For Bozo was a better actor. Wait til we show Comrade Stalin." I would have preferred a little Enola Gay action myself, just to get the crowds running. Excercise is good for you. So is a tan.

Maybe if
Cold War Russia had implemented a better marketing strategy or agent we could all have been friends and casually droping phrases like "Холодная Война дети, скала!" as quickly as we say "Yo, dat shiz be tha Blingity-Bling, dawg. Word" Cos we do, um, say that. You know how we crazy kids are. I'm sure this Arliss of the political world would have changed their flag to the image we see above and everything would have been okay. Can you say Communist! Party! I mean the !s would have been so Indie (!).

It's a shame. I'm sure their parties would have become notoriously wild, with many people just going missing never to be heard from again. Kennedy would have felt an
idiot forgetting his hat. I'm sure the music wouldn't have sucked either.

Cold War Kids - We Used To Vacation [MP3] from Up in Rags EP
Cold War Kids - Hospital Beds [MP3] from Up in Rags EP
Cold War Kids - Tell Me In The Morning [MP3] from With Our Wallets EP

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Cold War Kids - Hang Me Up to Dry Video

As an aside, the owners/creators of YouTube will have to spend the rest of their days scrounging around like filthy street urchins in a Dickens novel after selling to Google for way under market-value, if you ask me. $1.65 Billion. I mean, that's a pittance, really.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you know what my favourite thing about this post is? the youtube video preview has the play button directly over the fat kids mouth. that's almost as awesome as 'hospital beds. oh, and if you haven't already heard this, check out the CWKs live daytrotter session at http://www.daytrotter.com/article/211/free-songs-cold-war-kids


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Blogger Digital Disko said...

Thanks, Ian. I'll add it to the post.

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