Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Da Bears

These kids are playing their instruments with the curiousity of small children. There is such an element of fun to their experimentation that you can't help but enjoy yourself. That's right, 'experimentation'. You're not afraid of a little experimentation, are you? I know Miss Silva, my 10th grade English teacher, wasn't. The sound isn't completely polished, but it's close and has great hooks. And they're young. It's only gonna get good.

This is going be right up there with my Go! Team, Broken Social Scene and Most Serene Republic fetishes. They're doing something similar to those bands, but with a way more playful attitude. This is just a bunch of kids having fun playing music together. You're there watching, smiling trying to make eye contact with the cute girl in the band.

Da Bears - Cage of Ribs [MP3]
Da Bears - TV Shows [MP3]
Da Beard - Galactic Cannabalism [MP3]

Buy their album for $5 off their MySpace page. $5, sheez.

MySpace: Here
WebSite: Here



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