Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Colour Revolt - Continental Divide

Colour Revolt

Color Revolt's lead singer takes you on ride. The kind of ride that starts off innocently along a coastal road during sunset and ends with him drunk, slumped over the wheel, the bonnet accommodating a lamp post, an adrenalin buzz drowning out the sirens, and blue lights illuminating his face every other second.

In the opening stages the first thing you think is 'Will Oldham?'. At the halfway point you comment 'At times he's channeling Isaak Brock'. Periodically, his driving gets worse, but he manages to reel it in. He looks around the car, smiles, 'See, it's okay' he says. You nod back unsure of how this is going to end up. And then he snaps. It's too late to get out, but you ask 'Do I want to?' You realise you don't and regret it when the rides suddenly stops.

Color Revolt - Mattresses Underwater [MP3]

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Continental Divide

Nathan comes to the party drunk. He slams a few more whiskeys. He's had too much already. He's upset. He starts to share his woes with someone who can't find a way out of the conversation. He begins to reveal too much. He wanders off. He drinks more. The music swells, the drums become more persistant, the night gets worse. He's stumbling badly now, whiskey bottle in hand, shouting his problems out loud. Everyone knows them now, but he doesn't care. He's numb, and when you're numb you can't feel. And that's the point.

Continental Divide - The Days Drag, But He's Old [MP3]

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