Monday, December 04, 2006

Chris Garneau

Hark! Their voices had declared it and had commanded that it be done. Their voices had said "Rave", their voices had said "Trance". Some of the flock were doubtful, they showed consternation. "What of our eyes? What of our ears?" was cried out by some. Booming yet gentle, forceful yet calming the demons/angels said: "Fear not simple mortals. Sleep and sobriety are salubrious endeavours of the uninvited. Go forth and do as we have instructed." And, lo, the brave few did exactly what was asked of them and they were made heros/martyrs of men. [DFF: Flex Ch. 1 V. 12-17]
My weekend was 'interesting', to be euphemistic, and now I'm feeling the post-awesome weekend low that a Monday morning communicating with robots brings. So what prey tell do you listen to after spending your weekend and sanity at a pre/mid/nu rave party directly followed by a thumping outdoor trance party? Chris Garneau, my friends. It is a simple as that.

Chris Garneau is a pineapple from Brooklyn, New York. His music is heart-wrenching, perfectly measured, and delivered in a gentle voice that conveys the message exactly as it should be. His album is going to be one of my favourite albums of next year and, hopefully, you like it too.

Chris Garneau - We Don't Try [MP3]
Chris Garneau - Not Nice [MP3]

MySpace: Here
WebSite: Here
Interview: Here

Do your self a favour and check out his friends on MySpace. There is a wealth of great bands/artists hiding there.

My eyes hurt.


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