Thursday, November 30, 2006

White Flight

I've been listening to this guy for a while now and he has officially blown my mind like all the hippy acid I know his hippy self has taken must have done to him. This music is so layered and busy and the vocals are just nuts, it almost makes me feel like I would like psychedelic music.

This is what Outkast should have done after 'B.O.B.'. This is what Spencer Krug would do if he grew up in Knysna. This is Frog Eyes meets Hip Hop and Soul. Actually, there are so many comparisons, pieces, influences, memories/references that can be drawn from this album that everyone who hears it will have a different way of processing it. First time I listened I said 'Meh', I can't believe it now.

Listen in order.

White Flight - Now [MP3]
White Flight - Pastora Divine [MP3]
White Flight - Death Hands [MP3]


Justin Roelofs, aka White Flight, used to be in a band called the Anniversary. So here it is. Can any one say 'So, 90's'?

The Anniversary - Sweet Marie [MP3]


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All you need to know about White Flight

White Flight - Pastora Divine

More videos Here


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