Friday, November 24, 2006


'Choo choo choo choo beep beep'. That is what Deerhoof want you to know, bob your head to, maybe even sing out loud in moving traffic. Which is weird considering the style of their previous work - well, the music I know at least. But, and I'm sure we've all figured this out by now, I don't know much about much. Unless it's Vector Calculus. I know a lot about that.

Well, here's the 'CCCCBB' (aka '+81') track off their upcomming new album, which could possibly be an incredibly annoying song in about 1 month, however, I know I still love 'Holla Back Girl' - so here's to hoping.

I'm sorry, it is a great song, but...

Deerhoof - +81 [MP3] Track removed at Record Label's request.

Deerhoof - Adam+Eve Connection [MP3]

A lot more of their MP3s. Like a lot. [MP3s]

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And Deerhoof's vocalist's lispy inability to ennuciate her words in '+81' reminds me of another band that looks the same - Enon. Well they don't look the same, but they both have asians, which is very chìc.

Enon - Knock That Door [MP3]

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