Thursday, December 14, 2006

"Fish don't speak but squirrels do. It all depends on your longitude. You should start from the beginning, but ignore the prequels. We like minimalism, broken robots, granny smith apples, sneakers and the mundane. We like make believe vampires but the real ones scare us.

We definitely detest mom jokes. Seriously. We don't need to be reminded of what we resemble. We named ourselves after Midwestern dairy queen civility. We usually involve a variety of livestock running rampantly around. We think sideways motorcycle helmets are all the rage now that sideways trucker's hats are out.

We are live, fleshy human beings attempting to recreate these sounds in real life. We put out our own records. We speak in binary code. We're in the market for an A-team van. We strive for muzak and custom made slip n' slides. We write under pseudonyms. We play for keeps. Our grass is always greenest. Our hair is unkempt."

They forgot to mention how'd they'd like to drink your blood.

Say Hi To Your Mom - Blah Blah Blah [MP3]
Say Hi To Your Mom - Snowcones and Puppies [MP3]

MySpace: Here
WebSite: Here

Buy Impeccable Blahs at, like, their website. Duh.

And I'm tired of receiving emails enquiring as to Scarlett Johansen's status on the Digital For Fish Whore-Or-No™ Meter. Thusly, I provide Exhibits A and B. Whore. Message to all: giving your daughter a name like Scarlett, Mercedes, Crystal or Melody will only result in one thing - Nobel prizes and world peace.

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