Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Snakes Say Hisss!

Sometimes my job is pretty easy. I first found these guys during the Snakes on a Plane hysteria (forever onwards to be refered to as the SOAP effect), and not wanting to cheapen their lo-beat 80's synth stylings by throwing them into the snake-hype pit I sidelined them. I think the time has come. This what they have to say for themselves.

"We're pretty hot. There's really no way around it," says Jamie Ayers, the 20-year-old Philadelphia native, sipping Chai tea in a Saratoga coffee shop.

Ayers and Sam Skarstad, also 20, met in September 2005 and began writing and recording songs recounting young summers and sexual frustration; since then they have settled into a sound that combines 80's synth pop with a raw contemporary rock and roll feel.

"We like neon pink and we like hard work", Ayers states.

After a number of small and scattered releases, Snakes joined up with the boys at Famous Class and decided it was time to create a full-length record; hence the sweaty, sweet "I'll Be Lovin' You", the debut album which was recorded shirtlessly over a period of two weeks in a wooden attic in Philadelphia this summer.

"We wanted to create something exclusively for teenage girls. There's not enough out there for them these days", says Skarstad, adjusting his cashmere scarf and platinum ski goggles.

After four sleepless nights and one nervous breakdown, the album was finished.

"The driving synths and heavy beats combine with the spastic live show to create some sort of new experience", says Ayers, staring longingly at a distant waitress.

"We've all heard so much about the missing discourse of desire", he gestures broadly with a flourish of his gaudily bejeweled prosthetic hand, "I think it literally boils down to the fact that everybody is insanely jealous of me."

Snakes Say Hisss! - I Control The Wind [MP3]
Snakes Say Hisss! - We Are Hot [MP3]

That little melody in 'I control the wind' will grow on you. You be singing '..lying on the floor at night' right along with them.

MySpace: Here
WebSite: Here

Buy the album at the Famous Class website for $14. The album glows in the dark.

On a side note: No Guest List today. Sometimes these things are beyond my control.

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