Friday, October 20, 2006

Nat Baldwin

Nat Baldwin is the only other Baldwin, besides Stephen that's worth a damn. Sure, post-"Alec Baldwin" Alec Baldwin is trying really hard to be endearing but he's still a jerk. I'm sure you remember Stephen from his tour de force performance in in the largely academic film BioDome. Also, the moment when he places Josh Charles' hand on his thigh in Threesome is one of the more powerful moments in cinematographic memory. Nat Baldwin is not related to either Baldwin, please don't be stupid, and he won't invite unneccessary, tongue-in-cheeck scorn from idiots like me either.

Nat's music is harrowing, and sounds something like Antony and the Johnsons beauty meets TV on the Radio experimentalism. He currently has two Albums out and a split with Deer Tick. "Within Walls" is definitely my favourite track, with a drum beat that just gives more and more as the song progresses, and Orange Mobile used "Only In My Dreams" in a very cool ad that is ruined the moment the narrator speaks.

Nat Baldwin - Within Walls [MP3] from Enter the Winter
Nat Baldwin - Only In My Dreams [MP3] from Lights Out

MySpace: Nat Baldwin
WebSite: Broken Sparrow


"Now I know you're leaving me, and I know that I'm no king"

Deer Tick - Diamond Rings [MP3]

Nat Baldwin - "Only In My Dreams" Orange Ad


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