Thursday, November 09, 2006

Down Therr

Okay, I know it's lame, but sorry about the inconsistent updates around here. I'm a little busy. Burn the Spaniards, shoot the shops. I tell you this one store I'm programming stuff for uses 'Buddy' more often/loosely than an Indian taxi driver in Vancouver. But they say it 'Budd-aay'. Aren't Indians with a dot (not a feather) fun?

And speaking of Indians with feathers, it's been a little electronic up in herr (that's Southern speak folks) lately, so I'm gonna show y'all we know how to roll country. So here is the DigitalForFish Mid-Week-Plus-One-Day Keeping it Southern Mix Tape. Spit. And I don't need any of y'all city slickers' smarts tellin' me that some of these herr bands ain't Southern. Duh.

Yeah, it's all lonely. Yeah, it's all good music. In no particular order.

Horse Feathers - Blood on the Snow [MP3] MySpace
The Soft Disaster - Nothing Returns [MP3] MySpace
The Shivers - Beauty [MP3] Here
Death Vessel - Deep in the Horchata [MP3] WebSite
Haley Bonar - Am I Allowed [MP3] MySpace
Mishka Shubaly - Home [MP3] MySpace
Zykos - Keep It Light [MP3] MySpace
The Court and Spark - Rooster Mountain [MP3] WebSite
Ola Podrida - Jordanna [MP3] MySpace


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