Friday, November 17, 2006

The Harlem Shakes

This is a funny bunch of guys. "I'll never forget the first time I got venereal diseases from Shakespeare's (gay) carcass." - The Harlem Shakes

It kind of reminds me of another funny man, and close friend, le Marquis de Sade.

"Monsieur Bouloir was a man whose erotic appetites might discreetly be described as post-mortem. A habitue of cemeteries, his proudest conquest was a maid six decades his senior, deceased a dozen years. The vigor with which he made love caused her bones to dislodge. Still, he granted her the highest compliment he accorded any woman - well worth the dig." - Marquis de Sade (Quills)

Boy I sure can relate.

We drank a little too much last night after selling this blog to Microsoft for an undisclosed amount ($1.2 Billion) and my head is a little clouded. So... Fuck Reviews, Let's Dance! Chord changes, drums, bass lines. Beer, Music, Fun. Harlem Shakes, Harlem Shakes.

Someone important said they're what The Strokes should sound like. Someone more important says download the songs and love them and that person is me.

The Harlem Shakes - A Night [MP3]
The Harlem Shakes - Carpet Bangers [MP3]

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An in depth review

Interview I
Interview II

And for those of you who didn't spend their youth battling in dance offs in Mitchell's Plain, the Harlem Shake is the dance move, best coupled with a Crip Walk, that finally seals the deal with Laeticia. Boy's getting play, yo!

Harlem Shake FAQ I
Harlem Shake FAQ II

Harlem Shake, Crip Walk, Et Al.

Sometimes the Internet is too weird.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the funniest thing about that video is the asian guy behind her. he's such a creep.

great songs by the way


1:44 PM  
Blogger Digital Disko said...

There are no asians in that video, don't be silly now.

2:40 PM  

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