Monday, November 06, 2006

Cats like Felix ...

Although he deserved nothing short of a donkey punch for letting his "Donkey Rattle" track from 4/4 Down the Stairs be appropriated into a piece of governmental, anti-underage drinking propaganda (an ad campaign so bad it drove many adults to start drinking), his first two albums were pretty solid. So you forgave him, packed them in your suit case and headed off on your travels to North America, where you played them for some French-Canadians and they were like, "Damn, Eh? What’s this cat’s name, Eh? Felix the Band? He's la shit..." or is it le shit? Someone get me French lessons.

A year goes by, and many many gigs, festivals, and record stores later, you return home a wise, aged music sage with a bag full of new doof-doof kiffness that no one’s ever heard of. You’re still kind of digging you local music but in a more ex-girlfriend, reminiscent on the ‘good times we had’ kind of way.

Enter, Dark Days Exit. Everything stirs and shakes; all that new electronic music gets tossed aside as you spend the entire summer driving from work, to beach, home, bar, and Bolshevik folk dancing lessons, listening to this album, and dreaming of the day your local record store calls you up to let you know that the Dark Days vinyl release has just come in.

Monsieur Laband's new album is a mature work that traverses the local underground music community, and will, undoubtedly even if only eventually, make him an international electro-indie star. His trademark elements are here: thick chill-inducing bass opposed with delicate arrangements of various tinklings, glitches, samples and sounds. Tight and atmospheric, the tracks on Dark Days Exit are instantly pretty, innocent, introspective yet uplifting, heavy and weightless in equal measures, as if you’re both flying and falling at the same time.

His got the exit down with dark days skills, now if he could only manage to arrive to his f@#$ing sets on time.

Felix Laband - Whistling in Tongues [MP3]
Felix Laband - Sleeping Household [MP3]

WebSite: Open records artist profile - Felix Laband


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