Thursday, November 02, 2006

Brian Scary

Driving to the lab today I was listening to ELO. 'Mr Blue Sky' specifically. For those of you who didn't grow up listening to Electric Light Orchestra, they sound a little like the Beatles meets the band members of ELO. However, they were good and served a great purpose; they filled many a 'Who am I without the Beatles?' 1970 depression void. Also, ELO's name proves EMO band names have been around for centuries.

I arrive at work, ignore the robots, turn on the computer and engage in some light reading on the music sites. During my travels perusing the web I turn to Filter Magazine. There, after the Naked iPod, is Bryan Scary. "Pink Floyd-style 60s space rock" it says. Kinda like rock-opera. Kinda like ELO. Let's check out their MySpace.

They is actually He, and he fucking rules. Simply put. If you enjoy the Beatles/ELO you will definitely enjoy this.

However, he doesn't have MP3s available for download. Not a problem, someone else will have a sample. So, here is a track I appropriated from Skatterbrain, who's pretty good on getting the scoop on shit before most. Like being the second person to cover Bryan Scary, after the inteview by 3QuarksDaily.

Bryan Scary - The Ceiling on the Wall [MP3] from The Shredding Tears

ELO - Mr Blue Sky [MP3]

MySpace: Here
WebSite: Here You can listen to the ablum here


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