Monday, October 30, 2006


So you may have noticed there wasn't a post on Friday and that's simply cos the Gypsies stole us. True story. Also, I re-introduced alcohol to my diet that day and was struggling to take anything else seriously.

If you were smart/stupid you attended the Fiction and The Waiting Rooms' joined Double Feature Halloween awesomeness on Saturday. Ninjas, Spiders, Robots, Cave Men, Gorillas, Vampires, Ghouls, Papa Lazarou and, quote-unquote 'Satan's Whore' were in attendance as Chromoscience, Felix Laband, Sibot, Markus Wormstorm and numerous others played until the early hours of Sunday.

At one point Bender turned to me to point out the fact that Felix had somehow managed to drop Pinback into his set, to which I replied with a Plancha followed by a Ground Octopus Hold, as any true incarnation of luchador Dos Caras would have done. He was quite bent out of shape after that... I could go into British News broadcasting with shameless puns like that. Losers.

The combination weekend of Gyspies, creatures of all kinds and new old dietary needs has created a rather downtrodden mood here on the Digital side of the Digital For Fish musical bootcamp. So, luckily for me, while pretending to program robots in my dark office and actually cruising MySpace for hot/cute/any girls interesting people, I came across Dishwasher.

It was the title of the song, which did not automatically play on this girl's someone's page, that piqued my interest. "Dishwasher - Again and Again". The thought of actually listening to a washing machine grumble, spin and hum was and is incredibly appealing in my current state, so I clicked it. Well, it wasn't what I expected but something something blah blah least expected it, right?

Dishwasher is from Montreal and counts Giselle Numba One and Lovefoxxx from CSS amoung his actual friends. Which is nice. To have real friends. More importantly, his slo-mo, beat pop is great for listening to just loud enough when you don't feel like listening to anything, which is better than nice.

Dishwasher - Robber [MP3]
Dishwasher - Come Home [MP3]

Giselle Numba One - Swedish and Hai... [MP3]
Giselle Numba One - Charmer the Farmer... [MP3]

MySpace: Dishwasher Is Me
MySpace: Giselle Numba One

Pinback - Loro [MP3]

Uber Bonus:
Papa Lazarou - Papa Lazarou Megamix [MP3]

"It's nice to see you again, Dave. All grown up."


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