Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Crystal Castles vs Klaxons

Ever since French Lessons slid a CD with Chiptune music into the CD player of my Gran's car, as we down Camps Bay's main strip, with the words "I think you'll like this", I have been hooked. That little Renault never rocked so hard in all it's days.

And that day is why bands like Ratatat blow my mind, it's an evolution of the music I heard in it's simplest form that sunny day. I can't really explain why I like this music so much, and I don't want to. When you analyse something too deeply you can take away the thing that made you enjoy it in the first place. So, I'll leave it at that.

I was checking out Crystal Castles', which is one of my favourite bands of what ever you want to call this genre, MySpace page today and I noticed that their blog had been updated with some new tracks. And that's were I found the track that made me wanna do this post.

While Klaxons, who have a pretty huge following now, is not one of my favourite bands, Crystal Castles certainly is. And it's the Crystal Castles glitchy edge to this collaboration track that they have recorded that really does it for me.

So here I present to you the first Chiptune track I ever heard by 8-Bit Peoples man, Paza Rahm, along with the Klaxons & CC collaboration and a track by each group respectively. Enjoy.

Paza                                    Baspatterns [MP3]
Crystal Castles vs Klaxons    Crystal Castles vs Klaxons [MP3]
Klaxons                                Magick [MP3]
Crystal Castles                     Air War [MP3]

MySpace: Crystal Castles
MySpace: Klaxons

WebSite: Klaxons
WebSite: 8-Bit Peoples

A darn cool video for the Klaxons
Klaxons - Magick


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