Monday, October 23, 2006

The Smurfs

Apparently today is the anniversary of the first appearance of little blue people in Peyo's Johan & Pirlouit comic back in 1958. We here at Digital For Fish believe strongly in the Communist message behind the Smurfs, simply because Communism is such a good idea. I mean, look how countries thrive post-Communism. Communism got them there.

Thanks, Smurfs for teaching us about Marxism!

The Smurfs - Theme Song [MP3]

WebSite: Smurf

I initially had this embedded in the page, but realised some of you may not actually like the message it conveys.

The Smurfs - The Lost Episode

When America finally figured the Smurfs out...
Unicef Ad - Don't let war affect the lives of children


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