Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Untamed Youth

Today is Tuesday, which means it's another night with French Lessons and his partner in crime, Albatross Kills Wizard, at Fiction. Feel free to drink too much. In fact, it is encouraged. And this is no way due to the fact that they get a cut of the bar takings. No way. Also, you'll definitely be the only one not partying and dancing yo' feet off.

Two sample tracks of the music you can expect to hear from each of the illustrious DJs.

French Lessons:             Heypenny - Parade [MP3]
Albatross Kills Wizard:  Ghostland Observatory - Sad, Sad City [MP3]

And if I was DJing... Duran Duran - I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight [MP3]. Aren't you sad I'm not?

MySpace: Heypenny
MySpace: Ghostland Observatory

WebSite: Heypenny
WebSite: Ghostland Observatory


Anonymous Anonymous said...

um... hello mister music blogger. in case you didn't know, duran duran didn't do this song... "i just died in your arms tonight" it is actually done by Cutting Crew... just incase you were wondering....

2:23 PM  
Blogger Digital Disko said...

'incase' is actually 'in case', in case you were wondering. PS. Neil I hate you.

3:30 PM  

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